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Are you used to working within the constraints and limitations of traditional manufacturing techniques? Have you been keeping an eye on developments in 3D printing? If so, you will have noticed that things are moving along fast!

Digital Metal® leads the way

As the world moves away from tool-based, static manufacturing methods in favour of generative and flexible methods, Digital Metal is at the forefront, offering our revolutionary and innovative manufacturing technique through contract services.

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To make it easy as possible for you to gain access to this superior new technology, we have developed a simple 6-step collaboration process, leading swiftly from first contact to finished product.


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  • Rygo

    ”[...] no other metal additive manufacturing technology can match the level of resolution and surface quality”
    Bathsheba Grossman, Bathsheba Sculpture LLC (USA)

  • ”Digital Metal® enabled us to manufacture small and very complex medical device metal components, not possible to produce with any other technology"

    Medical device producer (Galway, Ireland)


  • Lloyd's Register Quality Assurance logo

    The Management System of Digital Metal AB, applicable to additive manufacturing of metal components, is approved by Lloyd's Register Quality Assurance to the ISO 9001:2008 Quality Management System Standard.  


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