Iron Fortification

Over more than 50 years, we have developed a unique competence in iron fortification. Our 'enrichment technology' and specialist knowledge in the field enables us to produce purpose designed elemental iron products for all types of flour and cereal.

NutraFine® represents the latest generation of elemental iron formed from our long-term commitment to flour fortification. Our NutraFine range has been specifically developed to satisfy the needs and requirements of premixers, millers, bakers and, of course people. NutraFine balances all these needs in a unique way providing high quality and high bioavailability at the most competitive price.

Key benefits

  • Enables refinement of trace elements to an absolute minimum well within regulatory requirements
  • Can be reduced to smallest structure possible for easy absorption
  • High relative biological value (RBV)
  • Consistent level of purity and quality
  • No effect on colour and taste after fortification
  • Less adversely affected by heat and humidity than other solutions
  • Flour quality unaltered
  • Convenient packaging for storage and mixing
  • Most cost effective solution for flour fortification

Woman eating cereals