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Without considering the environment and the world around us, financial strength and success are unattainable. And vice versa, the dependency is mutual. This is the core of sustainable development for Höganäs.

Primarily, Höganäs contributes through our metal powders and the rationalisations they enable. Höganäs’ offering stands up well on a market where forward-thinking customers see the opportunities in rationalising their consumption of energy and materials. Conscious selection of materials, optimised processes and more intelligent applications help create products with superior environmental qualities.

Sustainability work in several areas

It is crucial that we continue to reduce our own environmental impact. Our Group-wide Corporate Competence Centre coordinates Höganäs’ sustainability work. Following issues as especially relevant to Höganäs:

  • More efficient energy consumption
  • Minimising residual products and waste
  • A Code of Conduct for suppliers
  • Zero Accident

Illustration of hands embracing iron powder

Did you know that...

We utilise surplus energy from our production in Höganäs Sweden to heat not only our own facilities, but also around 2,000 houses in the surrounding residential area.

Corporate Environmental and Energy Policy

Corporate Occupational Health Policy

Anders Bergman Manager Corporate Environment & Safety