Product overview

Abril Industrial Waxes offers a wide range of products to a diverse range of industries. The product range includes:


Abril 6530

A specialized low melting point wax for use with thermoplastic films. (Plastics industry)

Abril 8530

A secondary amide developed for use in engineering polymer compounds and those polymers processed at high temperatures. Stable up to 340 degrees centigrade. (Plastics industry and digital inks)

Abril 9030

A slip and anti-block additive for thermoplastic films. (Hot-melt adhesives and plastics industry)

Abril 1021

An internal/external lubricant for the thermoplastics industry. (Plastics industry)

Abril 1041

Smaller particle size than 1021 enabling better dispersion for extruder feed (Plastics industry). Also used as a significant modifier in a variety of industrial applications.

Abril 1023

Unique non-gelling antifoam additive (Pulp and paper industry)

Abril 1051

A speciality amide additive particularly suited for polyamide extrusion technology. (Plastics)

Abril 1061

A specially developed wax with a unique particle size distribution allowing textured finish. (Surface coatings)

Abril 7731

An amide ester developed by Abril that is effective in most polymer compounds giving excellent lubrication and dispersion properties. It is also an excellent rheological modifier in gel-based formulations such as creams and lotions. (Plastics and cosmetics)

Abril 1071

A high melting point, zero-ash micronized wax for use in metallurgical industries and, in particular, impact extrusion of aluminium.

Services and Solutions

Micronised Wax

We can leverage our knowledge and experience to quickly develop new, speciality micronized waxes, or wax compositions, that meet your most stringent applications in a confidential manner.

Nutraceuticals and pharmaceuticals

We are an experienced, primary manufacturer of excipients and matrix encapsulation additives.

Sustained release agents

Environmentally conscious, controlled-release agents for a wide range of industries including detergents, fragrances, hydroponics, solvent-free hot melt inks, toner resins etc.

Other Products

Abril Industrial Waxes offers a wide range of products, services and solutions to meet your every requirement. Please contact us confidentially to discuss your individual needs.


Abril Industrial Waxes operates and manufactures to the highest standards and has been certified to ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and OSHA 18001 since 2006.