Chemical and metallurgical

Powders for use in chemical and metallurgical process

Iron powder can be used in several chemical and metallurgical processes from the production of aluminium foil to magnetic paints. Our products also play a role in the recycling of industrial chemicals and are utilised in steel plants and the pharmaceutical industry.

For some applications there is more or less no alternative to iron powder. These applications often have requirements for specific properties and stringent demands for consistency. In other applications the high surface area and/or purity of iron powder can offer more cost-effective solutions compared to alternative methods. Cost savings can be generated as lower direct costs or on a system level i.e. from increased productivity.

Application examples

  • High purity melting stock
  • Alloying element to increase the strength of aluminium
  • Magnetic additive in paint
  • Manufacture of ferric/ferrous chloride used in water purification

Our powders can also be used as additions to polymers to make injection moulded or extruded components magnetic as well as to increases weight, heat conductivity or sound-absorbing qualities.

Features and benefits

  • Optimisation of powders for the specific purpose of the applications
  • High surface area and/or high purity
  • Most cost-effective solution thanks to factors such as higher reactivity and less waste


Download the Iron powder for flame cutting datasheet

Powder cutting is the term used to describe several methods (flame cutting, flame deseaming, flame washing, flame gouging) used in the metallurgical industry to accomplish various types of flame processing of high alloy and refractory materials by means of a hot flame into which iron powder is injected.

By adding iron powder to the flame it is possible to achieve a higher cutting temperature while reducing the slag melting temperature.