Iron powder for friction applications

Friction materials are utilised as a part of the brake pad or drum brake lining of automobiles, commercial vehicles, aircraft, motorcycles, trains and off-road vehicles and in other industrial applications.

For braking applications, knowledge and materials make the difference between squawks and squeals and smooth stopping. Iron powder offers an excellent combination of durability and cost in semi-metallic brake pads and sintered friction formulations.

Höganäs provides the world’s most comprehensive range of iron powders for friction applications. With low apparent density our powders enable a reduction of brake weight and total material usage. Moreover, their high internal porosity and large surface area provide improved brake surfaces and wear properties.

Main product benefits:

  • Lower brake weight and reduction of material usage
  • Improved brake surfaces and excellent pad and rotor wear properties
  • Noise minimisation
  • Consistent powders ensure uniform products


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