NutraFine® RS

A new generation elemental iron

The structure of NutraFine® RS iron powder has been carefully sculpted to increase absorption and take-up by the body’s metabolic system. The fineness and surface structure of NutraFine RS means you do not need to use as much powder in premixes to achieve the same beneficial effect as with other elemental iron products.

NutraFine RS represents a new generation elemental iron for food grade enrichment. By refining our iron powder to a morphology and surface shape we have created exciting possibilities for further dramatic improvements.

Today we are confident that NutraFine RS represents the best all-round solution for flour enrichment and fortification.

Purity and chemistry

The table and chart below highlight chemical purity and the key factor dissolution rate, known to be highly predictive of RBV (Relative Biological Value). NutraFine RS is extremely pure, performing significantly better than the Food Chemical Codex specifications for reduced iron powder.

Elemental Iron


Acid insoluble




Reduced (FCC Spec) >96 0.50 max 3 max 4 max 2
Conventional reduced >97 <0.50 <8.0 <10.0 <5.0
Electrolytical (FCC Spec) >97 0.20 <3.0 <4.0 <2.0
NutraFine® RS * >98 <0.50 <3 <4 <2

*Typical values

Dissolution rate

NutraFine® RS has a high surface area compared to other elemental irons, thus a high dissolution rate. Surface area and dissolution rate, are both highly predictive of RBV.

Data for Electrolytic A 131 from North American Höganäs

Trevor Towns Sales Director

NutraFine® RS - Compliance