Making powder technology first choice

Our vision is to make metal powder technology the first choice by helping customers and end-users to utilise the inherent "power" of metal powders. We call this vision Power of Powder®. 

A key to successful product development and industrialisation is the intimate work with material, process and design. Höganäs can realise this by opening up for close collaborations in the PoP Centre.

The PoP Centre

The PoP Centre provides a platform for cross-functional work of different companies and competencies to work in all parts of the value chain from a desktop idea to a finished product.

The materials expertise to select the right powder solution.

The design support to create innovative PM applications.

The process know-how to ensure optimum production efficiency and quality.

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Material characterisation and testing has traditionally been one of our strongest competencies. With established competence in areas like fatigue analysis and more recent component test methods such as wear testing, we are able provide a wide range of material and component testing methods.

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Alloy and material development

Read more about our cost effective alloys, new powder concepts and smart mix solutions.

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Application engineering

New applications that stimulate market growth can be developed on the basis of system teardowns, converting existing products to powder products, or by the complete redesign of systems to benefit from powder-based solutions.

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Process development

In the past, we have developed processes such as warm compaction for our customers and we continue to be involved in joint projects to offer new alternatives and improve processing performance.

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Our services enable you to speed up your prototyping process to quicker verify new PM concepts.

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Design and analysis

We provide design consultation to help evaluate and develop new PM concepts and improve existing ones.

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Trouble-shooting and customer service investigations

Our skilled and experienced team for analysis and troubleshooting services have a unique knowledge of PM material microstructures and their behaviour under different processing conditions.

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Every year, we arrange several PM Schools, customised training programms, special seminars and other kinds of customer training.

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