Powder consumables for all deposition techniques

We are an independent powder manufacturer that provides a full range of surface coating products for powder welding, flame spray, plasma spray, HVOF (high velocity oxy-fuel), PTA (plasma transferred arc) and laser cladding.

A unique advantage with our powders is their spherical satellite-free particles that provide many benefits when combined with the correct alloy system and particle size distribution.


  • Excellent powder feed flow
  • Less moisture sensitivity
  • Higher deposition rate
  • Lower porosity
  • Lower gas consumption

Laser cladding (Courtesy of Jarvie Engineering Pty Ltd)

Powder choice with ease

Read more about our range of popular grades for powder welding, flame spray, HVOF, plasma, PTA and laser cladding.


Powder solution for superb laser cladding

A leap forward with laser cladding technique is the ability to achieve precise thickness control. Learn how Surfit® products ensure higher density laser coating with better corrosion and wear protection.

Powder Solution for superb Laser Cladding

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