Laser cladding

Laser cladding


Laser cladding is a welding method that enables a metallic bonding with the base material substrate. It can be used on cast iron base materials.

A high energy laser beam creates an intense heat input and thus alloys are bonded to the surface with a low degree of dilution (<5%). Laser cladding can be fully automated and thus once the parameters are fixed for a certain design, consistent final results are achieved for all parts.


  • Deposition rate: up to 8 kg/hour
  • Deposition thickness:  0.5 - >4 mm
  • Deposition hardness*: >22 - 61 HRC

* Typical when PTA welded / 5% -10% higher with laser cladding


  • Suitable for automation
  • No fusing required
  • 0.5->4 mm thickness
  • High velocity - excellent density

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