Designing for abrasive environments

Höganäs provides a comprehensive choice of Surfit® powder mixes with Ni Self-Fluxing (SF) alloys and tungsten carbides for hardfacing. Coating with these materials is an effective way to achieve higher wear resistance performance on exposed metallic surfaces.

Typical applications are down-hole drilling tools in the oil and gas industry, guided rollers in the steel industry, wear plates and mining teeth. The choice of coating is based on matrix alloy properties, carbide type and coating process parameters.


For automotive valve applications

Choose an iron base powder for cost effective wear protection at high temperatures in engines and various chemical industry applications.

These powders are suitable for automotive valves and valve seat applications for motor bikes, cars and trucks. Ideal for such high unit volume applications are automated processes such as PTA.


Glass mould industry solutions

Hollow glass machine tools work under very severe conditions, subjected to both wear, corrosion and fast thermal cycling. Protective thermal surfacing with hardfacing metal powder feedstock is the recognized solution to increase the service life when producing new moulds, plungers, baffles, neck rings, and plates with both cast iron and bronze substrates.

Reduce cost with a new lease of life for tools returned to production after repair and maintenance. Resistance to erosion and adhesive wear at high temperature combined with good corrosion resistance is the key to extended operating life.


Powders for use in laser cladding

Laser cladding with alloy powders achieves more precise thickness control and high deposition efficiencies.

High quality Surfit® products ensure higher density laser coating with improved corrosion and wear protection. The high deposition efficiency of >80% combined with thin coating thickness ensures a cost efficient use of consumables.


Marine and offshore industry solutions

Marine and offshore applications need regular maintenance as a result of wear and corrosion.
By applying a protective layer of powder consumable, it is possible to prolong the operating life of new parts and to refurbish worn. Thus, there is a huge potential for cost savings and minimising downtimes.

Applications working in corrosive environments, for instance tail shafts that come in contact with sea water, require particular protection. A non-porous coating layer without defects or cracks, deposited with a material with excellent corrosion resistance, can significantly minimise the risk of corrosion.


Meet the challenges of a tough environment

Choose nickel based self-fluxing powders for surfaces that comply with application demands in oil and gas extraction.

These powders are suitable for couplings, polished rods, pup joints, rod guides and stabiliser bars and ideal for flame spray deposition of heavier coatings that require good corrosion resistance.


Spherical satellite free particles: a unique characteristic for Höganäs powders

Achieve high performance characteristics on exposed metal surfaces by depositing a resistant alloy layer. Be guided to the correct chemical composition and porosity for abrasion, heat, impact and corrosion resistance.

Spray deposition benefits from well rounded powder particles. These provide excellent powder feed flow in the gun, less moisture sensitivity, higher deposition rate, lower porosity and lower gas consumption.

Read more about our range of popular grades for powder welding, flame spray, HVOF, plasma, PTA and laser cladding.


Smoother operation

Centrifugal casting with alloy powders solves wear and corrosion problems. The method is suitable for barrel lengths from 300 mm to 5000 mm with outer diameters from 40 mm to 450 mm and bore from 15 mm to 300 mm.

Reduce friction and enjoy smoother operation with wear resistance ten fold that of nitrided solutions.


Nickel-based powders for cast iron substrates

Surfit® 1330-CE, Surfit 1530-CE and Surfit 1730-CE are a cost effective powder range from Höganäs.

These nickel-based powder grades have been developed for overlay welding of cast iron parts requiring medium hardness and wear resistance, for instance guide rings and bottom plates. Both lamellar and nodular cast iron parts can be coated with these grades.


Significant reduction of sliding wear

Surfit® 53WHV is suitable for plungers in the glass industry. Used with HVOF deposition, the powder can help reduce sliding wear with up to 50% in high temperature aggressive molten glass environment. The benefits are longer maintenance intervals which results in increased productivity.