Believe the hype – Additive Manufacturing

Whatever you want to create – We put your plans into effect with Additive Manufacturing

Since its early beginnings in rapid prototyping, curiosity about additive manufacturing has skyrocketed in every single industry segment – and the 3D printing boom continues. No wonder: Additive manufacturing (AM) opens completely new possibilities.
  • Impressive design freedom
    Additive manufacturing revolutionizes the way we think about manufacturing: New geometric forms, increased complexities and new material combinations are possible.
  • Shorter innovation cycles and lead times
    Additive manufacturing enables quick and cost effective processes, as no tooling is required. This leads not only to cost effectiveness but also to a shortened time to market
  • More efficient production processes
    Additive manufacturing is unlocking completely new possibilities which could not be realized before: Several production steps can be merged into one, mass customization is enabled.
  • Improved part performance
    Beneficial part characteristics, such as weight reductions and complex geometries can be realized.

Mit AMPERPRINT® Pulver Neues schaffen

Die Details machen den Unterschied: Wir sorgen dafür, dass sie perfekt zu Ihren Zielen passen. Wir bieten über 40 Jahre Erfahrung in der Gaszerstäubung sowie ein breites Portfolio an 3D-Druckmaterialien.



In the process of creating, we dream, plan and build together with you. Our team immersing into your ideas will make us achieve our shared goal: Setting new quality and innovation standards for your product.

Additive manufacturing technology can be used in any industry, only the thought makes your limit. Let us give you some highlihgts.