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June 05

Residual heat from Höganäs AB's compressors heats 110 houses in Höganäs

Höganäs Energi AB and Höganäs AB together are at the forefront in Sweden in terms of converting residual heat from industry into environmentally friendly and climate-smart district heating for the residents of the municipality.

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May 21

The world’s first renewable energy plant for the steel industry is now being built in Höganäs

In Höganäs, Höganäs AB and Cortus Energy are now building the world’s first plant for demonstrating, on an industrial scale, fossil-free steel production based on gasification of biomass using a new technology. This technology could revolutionise the steel industry’s work on phasing out fossul natural gas and coke.

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May 08

Johanna Rosén and Paul Schrotti new board members

Paul Schrotti, new CEO for Lindéngruppen AB, and Johanna Rosén, Professor in Material Physics at Linköping University, assume the positions as new members of Höganäs' board of directors. Jenny Lindén Urnes, former CEO of Lindéngruppen and board member since 2004, and Peter Gossas, board member since 2008, will leave the board.

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April 20

We are introducing Höganäs Inductor Systems’ Centre of Excellence

At the PCIM Europe 2018 in Nuremberg, Germany you will be able to meet with our technology experts, learn more about our Centre of Excellence and discover how we customise and optimise inductors for your specific needs.

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April 12

Sustainability report for Höganäs Group 2017

Höganäs first public sustainability report is launched. In the report, you can read about our sustainability work during 2017, what is being done right now, and what to expect in the coming years.

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Business areas

The Surface Technology & Ceramic Powders (STC) division from H.C. Starck is now a part of Höganäs

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