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Somaloy® – the optimal material choice for Axial Flux Machines

Somaloy® is tailored for high volume, cost-efficient component production by utilising the Powder Metallurgy (PM) forming process. The components are ready to use after compaction and heat treatment. They enable the design of space-efficient coil/core assemblies in various motor topologies where high efficiency and compact design are required.

Why Axial Flux Machine?

Axial Flux Permanent Magnet machines (AFPM) are very compact constructions with high torque- and power density. Still, high efficiency can be maintained over a wide operating range. Complex mechanical challenges can now be overcome by improved design and new manufacturing techniques. The AFPM’s typically larger diameter and shorter axial length adds benefits to many applications. Using larger number of poles helps to save electromagnetically active material for a given high output. Ranging from low speed, high torque to medium/ high speed, low torque concepts, a wide range of applications can be considered. The features of AFPM´s make them suitable for applications in a wide power range such as for Electric Vehicles (EV), Hybrid Electrical Vehicles (HEV), pumps, fans, compressors, valve control, hoists, power- and wind generators.



  • Net-shaped 3D components made with very low scrap rate.
  • Pre-wound slide-on and tightly wound coils.
  • Simple, automated assembly with lower investments.

Compact design

  • Space-efficient coil/core assemblies.
  • Topologies for short axial length.
  • High frequency operations at low losses

High performance

  • High torque and high power density.
  • Thermally isotropic core and tight coils enables enhanced cooling.
  • High efficiency concepts possible.

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