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Cost effective solutions for Valve train components

High quality consistent Ni-, Fe- and Co-based powders applied on combustion engine valves for light Commercial Vehicles, heavy Commercial Vehicles and ships is today proven praxis. The majority of the coatings are currently still done by PTA Welding, with laser cladding growing as well. Long time industry experience, material and process know-how ensure both good products, beneficial partnership and a high level of service.

For automotive valve applications

Maintaining excessive safety margin, to ensure application demands are met, is a costly exercise. Precision engineering optimises application demands and cost efficiently. Parts exposed to wear at high temperatures are traditionally surface coated with cobalt based alloys. This ensures excellent functionality at an attractive price.

Choose Iron base powder for cost effective wear at high temperatures in engines applications.


A key feature in order to reduce cost is to operate the coating equipment as efficiently as possible. As a powder supplier with experience not only from handling of powder but also from extensive use of different PTA equipments Höganäs can actively support in optimising the manufacturing process

Main product benefits:

  • Heat resistance to withstand hot abrasive wear
  • Complies with application demands for medium to small engines
  • Crack generation resistant
  • Corrosion resistance to withstand engine environment


PTA (Plasma Transferred Arc) is ideal for high unit volume automated applications as seen with automotive valves and valve seats. Outer edges must withstand wear at engine temperatures. These sensitive areas are protected so the main goods volume can be manufactured from steel. The table exemplifies cost effective consumables for engine applications.

Good wear resistance is achieved with Cr, Ni, and Mo carbides distributed in the ferritic matrix. Particle size range shown dominates for this equipment and application. Recommended for deposition on valve steels and low carbon steel parts.

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