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Service and support

Our goal is to create successful and lasting relationships with our customers. That is why we not only provide you simple, cost-efficient and 100% green solutions but also offer a zero-cost and zero-obligation Cleanit® test module. We provide all the resources. The only thing you need to add is your commitment to delivering affordable, clean water.

Pilot installation at zero cost

We offer to install a pilot plant at your site completely free of charge. This eliminates any financial risks and makes it possible for you to evaluate the performance of Cleanit without any long-term commitment. The pilot test usually runs 90-120 days with our full technical assistance.

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Complete solution at a pre-agreed price

In a second phase, Höganäs offers to design and install a complete unit at a pre-agreed price, paid after performance has been approved by you. Höganäs provides all engineering support for the process along with the technical support and training needed. We also take responsibility for media disposal.

Media disposal

Höganäs accepts the spent media free of charge to the customer. Alternatively, it can be disposed into a non-hazardous landfill. 

See the results for Cleanit LC from full-scale operations and pilot studies in Brazil and California.

Proven results