Industrial wastewater

Results of industrial wastewater treatment with Cleanit EC

Cleanit®​ EC is now ready for commercialization. On this page, we will post all news about test results and new installations.

Wastewater treatment at SKF in Brazil

In September 2017, Cleanit EC was chosen as the best alternative for industrial wastewater treatment at SKF Brazil. Decisive in SKF’s choice was high level of innovation and economic competitiveness.

“We had a series of discussions with many companies and specialists, but it was Höganäs’ proposal that really met our technology and innovation drive criteria,” says Sidney Silva, Quality Management System & EHS at SKF. “The economic competitiveness of the solution was also fundamental.”

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Selenium removal -  Envirogen our partner

In October 2017, Höganäs signed an agreement with Envirogen Technologies to partner on the sale of Cleanit technology as the key component of the Envirogen Advanced Metals Removal System (AMRS). Höganäs has granted Envirogen exclusive rights to market and sell, in North America, the highly engineered Cleanit technology to power, refining and mining customers who are seeking a solution for selenium and other heavy metals.

"Envirogen is excited about the opportunity to partner with Höganäs, and the addition of their outstanding Cleanit technology to our extensive solutions portfolio. Our mining, refining and power customers will be able to achieve discharge limits they did not think were economically possible," says Ronald Riley, North American CEO of Envirogen Technologies.

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