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Höganäs is the world leader in metal powder solutions. We are present all over the world and offer more than 3,500 products, mostly customer specific, from 18 production centres.



Höganäs AB
SE-263 83 Höganäs

Visiting address:
Bruksgatan 35, 263 39 Höganäs

tel: +46 42 33 80 00

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Operations in Höganäs has its roots in coal mining and pottery. Today this is a state-of-the-art manufacturing site – the largest in its kind – where low alloyed powders, mixes and customer mixes are produced for a global market. In the same area around 110 development engineers work at Global Development – where customers can realize ideas and improve processes in our well equipped PoP Centre. In the same area the corporate functions in Höganäs employ another 50 people. Here central processes such as HR, finance, IT, legal and communications are run and developed to support the Höganäs Group.


  • Regional head office
  • PoP centre
  • Sales office
  • Tech centre
  • Mixes
  • Sponge iron powders

Atomizing plant in Halmstad
Box 619
SE-301 16 Halmstad

Visiting address:
Stålverksgatan 4, 302 50 Halmstad

tel: +46 35 15 11 00

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In 1992, the atomizing plant in Halmstad, Sweden went into operation. Today, around 90 people work there to produce raw atomized powders that are transported to Höganäs for annealing and finishing.

  • Atomized powders


Höganäs Belgium S.A.
Ruelle Gros Pierre 10
7800 Ath

tel: +32 68 26 89 89

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In Ath, Belgium, over 100 people manufacture high alloys. Another 70 work in management, admin and shipping. Operations began in 1968 under the name Coldstream. Höganäs bought the business in 1985 and has expanded its capacity in stages.

  • Brazing pastes
  • High alloys


Höganäs France S.A.S.
86 rue Henri Depagneux
69400 Limas

tel: +33 474 02 97 50

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Höganäs France serves not only the French industry, but also has responsibility for customer relations in Africa and Turkey. Here around 7 people take care of sales, logistics and technical support. The subsidiary was founded in 1983.

  • Sales office


Höganäs GmbH
Moskauer Strasse 25
402 27 Düsseldorf

tel: +49 211 99 17 80

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Founded in 1978, Höganäs Germany is today the largest sales office in Europe. Here we employ a little over 15 people, who develop our important relationship with the German automotive industry.

  • Sales office

Höganäs Germany GmbH
Im Schleeke 78-91
DE-38642 Goslar

tel: +49 532 175 10

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At the plant in Goslar, we produce carbides, boron, rhenium and silica ceramic powders. We employ around 170 people who work in management, sales, administration and operations. Part of Höganäs since March 2018.

  • Tech centre
  • Atomized powders
  • Ceramic powders
  • Boron, rhenium and carbide powders

Höganäs Germany GmbH
Säckinger Str. 51
DE-79725 Laufenburg

tel: +49 776 38 20

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Thermal spray powders have been produced since the early 1970s. Today, we produce carbides, oxides, ceramics, cast tungsten carbides and atomized powders. Here we employ more than 260 people. The plant was incorporated into Höganäs in March 2018, when H.C. Starck Surface Technology and Ceramic Powders GmbH was acquired.

  • Atomized powders
  • Ceramic powders
  • Oxide and carbide powders


Höganäs Italia S.r.l.
Via Marsala 24/C
16035Rapallo GE

tel:+39 0185 23 00 33

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In 1986, Höganäs opened a sales office in Italy. Today, 5 people are employed here, serving both the automotive industry and a growing market for electromagnetic applications.

  • Sales office


Höganäs East Europé
LLCBusiness Centre "Atlantic City"
Savushkina St., 126 A
Office 35H
197374 Saint Petersburg

tel: +7 812 334 42 72

Based in St. Petersburg, Höganäs East Europe serves an increasingly important market within Europe. Here we find five people working with sales and logistics

  • Sales office


Höganäs Ibérica S.A.
Avenida de Europa, 34D 1°C
Madrid ES280 23

tel: +34 91 708 05 95

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Höganäs Spain serves not only the Spanish industry, but Portugal as well. The sales office was founded in 1988 and employs 4 people.

  • Sales office


Alvier AG PM-Technology
Fabrikstrasse 17
CH – 9470 Buchs SG

tel: +41–81–750 07 50

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Alvier AG PM-Technology was founded based on the concept of developing and producing high-quality, difficult-shaped tool components for powder metallurgy.

Today Alvier is a technology partner that is able to offer comprehensive solutions thanks to its many years of experience and extensive expertise, along with its close cooperation with press and powder manufacturers.

  • Tool manufacture
  • Engineering and design
  • Consultancy

United Kingdom

Höganäs (Great Britian) Ltd
Munday Ind Est
58-66 Morley Rd
Tonbridge TN9 1RP

tel: +44 1732 36 22 43

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Originally called Powdrex, the British plant was incorporated into Höganäs through an acquisition in 2000. Here, around 30 employees manufacture high speed steel, i.e. high alloys mainly used for tools.

  • Sales office
  • High alloys
  • High speed steels

Abril Industrial Waxes Ltd.
Sturmi Way
Bridgend CF33 6BZ

tel: +44 1656 744896

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Surface active additives, agents, compounds and ingredients for industries in plastics, paper, surface coatings, powder metallurgy and textiles.

  • Addatives

North America


North American Höganäs , Co.
111 Hoganas Way
PA 15935

tel: +1 814 479 3500

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The heart of North American Höganäs lies in Stony Creek, Pennsylvania. Located here are the regional headquarters, management, sales, Tech Centre and administration. Stony Creek also houses an atomizing plant, manufacturing low alloys. NAH – all four sites – employs around 350 people.

  • Regional head office
  • Sales office
  • Tech Centre
  • Atomized powders
  • Mixes

Höganäs Environment Solutions LLC
3000 Weston Parkway
NC 27513

tel: +1 984-333-0300

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  • ​Water purification and soil remediation

North American Höganäs High Alloys LLC
101 Bridge Street
PA 15902

tel: +1 814 533 7800

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Steel making has a long history in Pennsylvania and Johnstown. Höganäs' high alloys plant, then called SMC Metals Products, was acquired in 2003

  • High alloys

North American Höganäs Co.
5950 Packard Road
Niagara Falls
NY 14304-0310

tel: +1 716 285 3451

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The Niagara Falls plant produces iron powders. The unit was incorporated into Höganäs in 2000, when Pyron Corporation was acquired.

  • Sponge iron powders

North American Höganäs , Co.
210 Ceramic Street
St Marys
PA 15857

tel: +1 814 781 8618

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St Marys is a small but important unit in North America. Strategically located among many PM customers, the St Marys plant produces and delivers customer mixes on demand with very short lead times.

  • High alloys

South America


Höganäs Brasil Ltda
Av. Ricieri José Marcatto
110 Vila Suissa
Mogi das Cruzes / SP
Cep: 08810-020

tel: +55 11 4793 7729

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Höganäs Brazil is home to operations and sales for Brazil, as well as the head office for Region South America. With around 140 employees, Höganäs Brazil was founded through the acquisition of Belgo Brasileira in 1999.


  • Sales office
  • Atomized powders
  • Mixes



Höganäs India Pvt Ltd
Plot no. 28, Hadapsar Industrial Area
Hadapsar, Pune 411 013

tel: +91 20 66 44 46 00

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In India, we employ around 80 people who work in management, sales, administration and operations. The sales office opened in 1986 and today we serve all major players in the Indian automotive market.

  • Regional head office
  • Sales office
  • Tech centre

Höganäs India Ltd
D96/97, MIDC

tel: +91 24 12 77 74 98

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At the plant in Ahmednagar, we manufacture iron powders and mixes. The iron powder plant was inaugurated in 1988. In 1992, atomizing was added through an acquisition

  • Atomized powders
  • Mixes


Höganäs (China) Co. Lid
5646 Wai Qing Song Road
Shanghai, RPC 201700

tel: +86 21 6700 1000

Höganäs China, with offices in Shanghai, is the headquarters for Region Asia. Here we find around 90 people working within management, sales, administration, Tech Centre and mixing. The Chinese subsidiary was first started in 1993.

  • Regional head office
  • Sales office
  • Tech centre
  • Mixes


​World Trade Center 5,9th Floor Jl. Jend. 
​Sudirman Kav. 29 Jakarta 12920

tel: ​+62 21 526 2408

Höganäs opened up the sales office in Indonesia in 2017.

  • Sales office


Höganäs Japan K.K
Akasaka Shasta East Building
2-19 Akasaka, 4-Chome, Minato-Ku
Tokyo 107-0052

tel: +81 3 3582 8280

Höganäs started exporting metal powder to the Japanese automotive industry already in the 1950's. Thereby we are among the foreign companies with the oldest presence in the country. The sales subsidiary was officially started in 1985 and today the office employs more than 20 people.

  • Sales office

Höganäs Japan K.K
2700-7 Nagazakie
Fukaya-shi, Saitama Pref Saitama 369-1101

tel: +81 48 583 55 61

The mixing plant in Saitama, not far from Tokyo, is paramount for Höganäs' local customer relations. Short lead times and specific customer mixes are the recipe for success.

  • Mixes

South Korea

Höganäs Korea Ltd
15F KDB Life Tower, 372
Hangang-daero, Yongsan-gu
Seoul,  Korea 04323

tel: +82 2 511 4344

Founded in 1992, the Höganäs sales office in Korea today employs around 15 people serving the booming Korean industry.

  • Sales office

Höganäs Korea Ltd
59 Mieumsandan 1 ro
16-Gil Gangseo-gu
Busan 46730 Korea

tel: +82 51 714 4144

The Höganäs mixing plant in Busan, Korea, was inaugurated in January 2014. With this facility, Höganäs is able to significantly decrease lead times for not only Korean customers but also other Asian markets.

  • Mixes


Höganäs Taiwan Ltd
Room B, No. 44, 11fl.,
Chung Shan
North Road,
Section 2
Taipei  104 48

tel: +886 2 2543 1618

Höganäs Taiwan was founded in 1990.

  • Sales office