About Höganäs

Power of Powder

Our customer promise, Power of Powder®, means that we want to make metal powder technology the first choice in industry.

Metal powders – endless application areas

Metal powders offer entirely new possibilities to create more effective, lighter products with a reduced environmental impact. By combining the right alloy with a suitable morphology of the powder grains, new opportunities open to meet new challenges.

Metal powders are traditionally used to manufacture sintered components for vehicles, but there is a lot more to them than that. The life cycle of glass bottle moulds is prolonged when given wear and temperature resistance through nickel coating. New iron-based powders make high temperature brazing of heat exchangers possible. Using the three-dimensional properties of coated metal powders, compact and powerful electrical motors are now a reality. Used in additive manufacturing, our metal powders greatly reduce material waste and energy consumption while speeding up time to market.

We assist our customers and end-users in utilizing the inherent power of metal powders.

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