High-alloyed metal powders for Additive Manufacturing

We have engineered its high-quality AMPERPRINT® metal powders specifically for the complex requirements of additive manufacturing. For optimal customer results, our state of the art AMPERPRINT nickel, cobalt and iron based powders are fully dense, have an excellent flow ability a spherical shape and are perfectly reproducible.

Besides a broad selection of standard alloys, Höganäs’ portfolio encompasses various product solutions that have been tailored to customer requirements. Once the powder characteristics have been aligned to customers’ needs, Höganäs can produce any powder quantity, from lab scale up to medium or industrial scale production to support its clients properly through the various stages of product development. 

To produce high-quality components, different additive manufacturing systems require different powder characteristics. Therefore, our powders are available in a wide range of particle size distributions covering the full range of additive manufacturing processes, including but not limited to selective laser melting, electron beam melting and laser metal deposition.

AMPERPRINT atomized metal powders are engineered for the specific requirements of additive manufacturing. The powders are fully dense, have an excellent flow ability and are perfectly reproducible. Therefore, AMPERPRINT is the ideal choice for a variety of complex applications in demanding industries, such as aviation, dental, medical and automotive.

AMPERPRINT® Iron (Fe) based

We produce iron based AMPERPRINT powders having an excellent resistance to abrasion, wear and corrosion. Our products combine high strength and great hardness which makes them applicable for a variety of end uses such as mechanical engineering, medical or functional prototypes.
AMPERPRINT 0634 FeCrMoSiVCMn (1.2344)
AMPERPRINT 0638 FeCrMoSiVCMn (1.2343)
AMPERPRINT 1556 FeNiCoMo (18Ni300)

Other Iron (Fe) based

AM 410L Sieve code 5
AM 410L Sieve code 6
AM 420 Sieve code 5
AM 420 Sieve code 6
AM 316L Sieve code 5
AM 316L Sieve code 6
AM H13 Sieve code 5
AM M2 Sieve code 5
AM M2 Sieve code 6