Customer specific powders

Sophistication level of additive manufacturing metal powders

Höganäs offers metal powder for additive manufacturing in a broad spectrum of manufacturing techniques. Cost efficient to customer specific and high tech powders.

Tailored high quality materials in scalable quantities

Efficiency means moving product innovations directly from lab to industrial scale. That’s where Höganäs comes in and supports you.
  • Customer specific powder development
    Particle size distribution, morphology and chemical composition are unique. Just like your product ideas. For your new market opportunities, we develop the powder you need.
  • Easy upscaling of production volumes
    We have three gas atomization plants with different capacities. Our small scale production plant is the first choice for research and development purposes, whereas our mid and large scale atomizers are ideal for medium or industrial scale production. Consequently, we can simply ramp up production volumes as soon as your demand increases.
  • Constant high quality
    Our plants are identical in terms of technology, from order to order, from batch to batch, from bottle to bottle. This enables consistently high quality standards, identical morphology and consistent particle size distributions in combination with fully optimized production processes.

    To put it simply: We can produce any quantity of your customized powders, from lab to medium or industrial scale production.
  • Market readiness on demand
    When you have a highly demanded product, avoiding bottlenecks is essential in production. With Höganäs upscaling is easy. Once we have developed and aligned the chemical and physical properties of our metal powder perfectly to your requirements, we simply ramp up production. No lengthy upscaling processes. No waiting time. Just start your series production right away!
We provide you with small-, medium- or large-scale production quantities fast and tailored to your needs. Whatever you want to create – We put your plans into effect.

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