Our Brazing pastes

A brazing paste is a mixture of the brazing filler metal powder (about 80-90%) and water or oil-based binders. These binders are removed in the furnace during brazing. The formulation is adapted according to factors like furnace conditions and the paste application method.

Paste performance

The viscose behavior of our pastes are shaped to the suite the different application methods. In general, thin layer application methods like roller coating, thin printing or spraying require more liquid formulations, whereas dispensing or thick layer printing require high viscose pastes.

The long shelf life of our pastes is the result from our development of products with a controlled homogenous mix of powder and binder: a prerequisite for reliable paste application processing. 

Our BrazeLet® pastes are found for all common brazing techniques:

  • Dispensing
  • Roller coating
  • Screen printing
  • Spraying

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