Haynes® 282® alloy

Looking for a nickel alloy that is tougher than the rest?

Haynes® 282® alloy is a strengthened nickel-based superalloy developed for high temperature structural applications, particularly for aero and industrial gas turbine engines. It possesses a good combination of creep strength, thermal stability, weldability and fabricability.

Haynes® 282® alloy has exceptional creep strength in the temperature range of 650-930 °C (1200-1700 °F). Thanks to the excellent rupture strength at 700 °C, Haynes® 282® alloy offers both potential cost savings and improved manufacturability.

The Haynes® 282® alloy powder is part of the Höganäs product portfolio of additive manufacturing metal powders. Haynes® 282® are registered trademarks of Haynes International, Inc.


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