BrazeLet Ni613

For all types of applications in high temperature and high corrosion environments.

BrazeLet®  Ni613 is a nickel-based brazing filler metal developed specifically for EGR coolers, a type of heat exchanger found in diesel engines. However, the unique composition delivers a cost-effective solution with an attractive combination of properties – excellent wetting properties, high strength and corrosion resistance at high temperatures – that can be suitable for many types of application operating in demanding environments.


  • Cost efficient
  • Gap size flexibility
  • Corrosion resistant
  • High strength


ISO 3677, B-Ni60CrPSi-970/1030
Impurities according ISO 17672 and ANSI/AWS A5.8

Melting range

970-1030 °C

Min. brazing temperature

1090 °C


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