Cleanit-SR.1 is value-priced broadly screened granular ZVI media for permeable reactive barrier (PRB), soil blending, or situ chemical reduction (ISCR) projects. Approximately 80 % of particles in this broadly screened fine granular media are particles from 250 um to 2 mm in mean diameter. However, the SR.1 product also includes a relatively high fraction (>15 %) of very fine particles of <150 um to increase its reactivity. Based on this specification, Cleanit-SR.1 is ideally suited for very large projects, or for blending with smaller quantities of finer, more reactive powders. When applies in this way Cleanit-SR.1 media provides extra ‘iron mass’ to effectibvly yield ‘extended release’ performance in larger remediation projects.

Packaging: 500 kg super sack | Specialty packaging available


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