Success story

Making contaminated water safe to drink

Höganäs’ innovative Cleanit®-LC technology removes harmful hexavalent chromium to non-detectable levels from contaminated groundwater in Brazil.

The Challenge

Hexavalent chromium is toxic to humans and can be carcinogenic. When it was discovered at a groundwater site in Brazil, exceeding the allowable limits established by legislation, immediate action was required.

The Solution

A unique Cleanit-LC system, with a capacity of 27 m3/h, was implemented. The groundwater flows through a fluidized bed of Cleanit media. A natural reductive and adsorptive reaction occurs that reduces the chromium VI to chromium III, and ultimately completely removes it from the water. This makes the treated water safe for human consumption.

The Results

Cleanit successfully reduced chromium VI to non-detect levels. The figure below shows a comparison of the concentrations of chromium VI before and after treatment by the Cleanit-LC process, as well as the maximum concentration allowed by the legislation (MCL).


Other benefits

  • Cleanit LC allows the treatment process to be fully automated and operate with little human supervision.
  • Guaranteed performance period of 12 months for most drinking water cases. Depending on the quality and level of contaminants present in the water, media life can be extended. In this case, the first replacement took place after an impressive 34 months of service.