Drinking water

Cleanit LC – a unique way to clean drinking water

Cleanit® is an innovative water treatment media, which uses a specially designed media capable of removing multiple contaminants from groundwater and drinking water in a single step. These contaminants include heavy metals like hexavalent chromium or lead and other contaminants like arsenic, selenium, phosphates, and radioactive isotopes.

Making water safe to drink. Cleanit LC can contribute to improved health and living conditions where clean drinking water is already sparse, or growing populations make demand soar.


100% green, simple and cost-efficient

Cleanit is a unique way to clean drinking waterCleanit is a unique way to clean drinking water. It removes contaminants by chemical reduction and physical adsorption processes, widely occurring in the nature. No hazardous byproducts are produced or released during the process. The media also buffers the water pH, eliminating the need of a pH control step, that otherwise requires chemical additives.

Cleanit has operating capacity across wide range of pH-values and flow rates. Typical media life is between 1-3 years depending on characteristics of influent water. We test influent water samples in our labs or through site pilots to give you a good estimate on the life of media. Once the media is exhausted, we take it back for disposal without any cost for you. Long-term media supply is guaranteed with easy media replacement.



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