Cleanit LC – 100% Green solution for water treatment

Cleanit® LC is an iron-based water treatment media manufactured using leading-edge powder metallurgical technologies. Specialized manufacturing process gives the media a very high surface area and reactivity.

Compared to normal zero-valent iron (ZVI) media, Cleanit LC offers 10-20 times larger surface area and 10-20 times more reactivity. Thanks to a unique manufacturing process, specialized functional sites are created on the media surface to keep the water pH unchanged, unlike that in the case of normal ZVI media.



Cleanit LC in short

  • Effective over a broad water chemistry range
  • Reliable performance with low maintenance
  • Can be retrofitted into an existing water treatment system
  • Cost-effective solution for removal of water contaminants
  • 100% environmentally friendly and recyclable
  • NSF/ANSI Standard 61 approved

A closer look at Cleanit LC

Manufacturing of Cleanit LC begins with high-purity elemental iron powder, which is combined with proprietary functional additives. The mixture is then processed using unique powder metallurgical technologies to achieve an iron composite medium with high internal porosity, where functional groups are evenly distributed in either free or partially alloyed forms.

The reactive surface area of the medium is more than 10-20 times larger than that of normal zero-valent iron (ZVI).

Cleanit LC acts to adsorb and chemically reduce toxic contaminants in water, such as hexavalent chromium and arsenic, without producing any hazardous byproducts in treated water.

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