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Our goal is to create successful and lasting relationships with our customers. That is why we not only provide you a simple, cost-efficient and 100% green solution of industrial wastewater treatment. We provide all the resources you need to try this groundbreaking wastewater treatment.

Your success is our success in industrial wastewater treatment

To ensure your success of industrial wastewater treatment we offer to install a pilot plant at your site.

Our pilot plant, based on our Cleanit test module, allows you to collect real data that helps ensure your full-scale production plant will run properly. You can test-run the system in your local conditions and experiment with inputs, outputs and processing time to streamline your process.

During the pilot test, which normally runs 90-120 days, we provide all the resources and technical assistance you need.

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Complete solution at a pre-agreed price

If you are satisfied with the pilot plant performance, Höganäs offers to design and install a complete unit at a pre-agreed price, paid after the performance has been approved. Höganäs provides all necessary engineering support for the process along with any technical support and training needed.

Efficient media for industrial wastewater treatment

Are you already using electrocoagulation for wastewater treatment?

We offer to replace your current electrodes with Cleanit EC free of charge. Discover how you can easily double the efficiency of the process while cutting costs in half. If you’re satisfied with the solution, Höganäs offers to upgrade your process at a pre-agreed price, paid after the performance has been approved.

Read about the first commercial installation of Cleanit® EC at SKF Brazil

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