Industrial wastewater

How it works to clean industrial wastewater contaminants

Cleanit® EC is an industrial water treatment based on electrocoagulation that efficiently separates and removes wastewater contaminants.

Electrocoagulation is a simple and effective method of generating metal hydroxide coagulants within industrial wastewater by electro-oxidation of metals, such as iron and aluminum. Cleanit EC is a proprietary technology developed by Höganäs that significantly improves energy efficiency and reduces operating costs. The unique design of Cleanit EC also makes the operation and maintenance of the process simple and easy.

The basics of electrocoagulation

Power Source
How it works to clean industrial wastewater contaminants
M is metal and X is the oxidation state of the metal

A basic concept of electrocoagulation is schematically presented in the figure below. When current (DC) is passed through the system, metal ions are released from a sacrificial anode with hydroxide ions and hydrogen gas are produced at cathode. The metal ions and hydroxide ions readily combine to form polymeric metal hydroxides, which are excellent coagulants.

Electrocoagulation is capable of removing various heavy metals, metalloids, organic substances, suspended solids, solid particles, nutrients, ammonia, nitrates, nitrites, phosphates, etc. and even pathogens from industrial wastewater. Factors such as current density, pH, electrode type, reaction time, etc. play important roles in the formation of metal hydroxides. Higher current density produces more metal ions in the solution. Solubility of metal hydroxides largely depends on pH of the solution. pH is equally important for the interaction of metal flocculants with pollutants.

Unique electrode design

Generally, iron and aluminum are the electrodes of choice as they form effective coagulants. With the formation of metal ions, anode loses its mass over time and thus is commonly referred to as a sacrificial anode.

The uniqueness of the Cleanit EC technology is in the design of the electrodes. Electrodes are fabricated using proprietary power metal technology, which can be customized to target a specific or broad range of contaminants in water. Because of the unique raw material characteristic of these metal powders, the Cleanit EC electrodes have very high surface area to volume ratio. As a result, ionization efficiency of the electrode is higher, making the electrocoagulation process energy efficient and faster.

An added benefit of Cleanit EC is that the design and shape of the electrode is flexible. Any additives, metals, size, shape, surface area of the electrode is easily customizable depending on the need of water/wastewater treatment. Composition of the electrode can be controlled to target specific or a broad range of contaminants in water.

Customisable electrode designs.

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