Soil/Groundwater remediation

Benefits of Cleanit soil remediation technology

Cleanit® is a specially engineered porous iron media with high reactivity and longevity, which makes it highly effective for soil remediation technology projects.

High reactivity leads to shorten the overall remediation time. Extended longevity reduces the frequency of ZVI injection, when Cleanit is applied for the soil injection project. In addition, Cleanit media controls the pH in soil within neutral range after the application. It gives additional benefit of managing passivation on the media, which enhances the life of PRB and guarantees the performance. Below is the summary of the benefits of Cleanit media for soil remediation. 



What's so good about Cleanit

  • High reactivity represented by 53 times higher and 8 times faster rate
  • High surface area for enhanced reduction and adsorption of heavy metal
  • Shorter remediation time
  • Slow passivation for PRB
  • Possible to tailor the media to your specific needs and requirements
  • Maintains soil pH at circum-neutral range
  • Can be used for both injection and blending
  • 100% environmentally friendly

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