Cleanit – efficient soil remediation

Cleanit® is a highly effective soil remediation media, which uses a specially engineered porous iron media with several times higher reactivity compared to normal ZVI found in the market place. Cleanit also maintains soil pH at circum-neutral range thus eliminating the need for chemical usage.

Unique iron-based media

The Cleanit media is manufactured using a leading-edge powder metallurgical technology. The media is suitable for various soil remediation applications such as underground-injection, soil blending or PRB. The remediation media can be tailored to meet specific applications.

Efficiency beyond ordinary

Manufacturing of Cleanit begins with high-purity elemental iron powder, which is combined with proprietary functional additives. The reactive surface area of the media is more than ten times larger than that of normal zero-valent iron (ZVI) powder.

The mixture is then processed using unique powder metallurgical technologies to achieve an iron composite medium with high internal porosity, where functional groups are evenly distributed in either free or partially alloyed forms.

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