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About this report

  • This report presents the sustainability performance of Höganäs Holding AB, also called Höganäs Group, for the full year of 2018. As the operational responsibility for the Höganäs Group is delegated to Höganäs AB’s Board of Directors, the sustainability report focuses on Höganäs AB and its subsidiaries. The owners of the Höganäs Group are represented in Höganäs AB’s Board of Directors.
  • The report has been prepared in accordance with the GRI Standards: Core option and in accordance with Swedish regulation (Årsredovisningslag) regarding disclosure of non-financial information.
  • The report consists of a descriptive part and a GRI index with references. Data presented includes in general all companies within the Group, i.e. Höganäs AB and its subsidiaries. Where exceptions are made, this is commented on. Management approach, boundaries, omissions and additional explanations are found in connection to each topic.
  • The report has been approved by the Höganäs Board of Directors. The report has not been subject to external assurance. 
  • The previous report was published April 12, 2018. The reporting cycle is annual.
  • The list of entities included in the consolidated financial statements is found in the Höganäs Holding AB’s Annual Report 2018. Sustainability data for Alvier AG PM-Technology, Alvier Mechatronics GmbH, Metasphere Technology and H.C. Starck Surface Technology and Ceramic Powders GmbH is not included in this report, as the integration process is still ongoing. Where exceptions are made, this is commented on.
  • There are no significant re-statements of information from the previous report further to what is included under Highlights during 2018. 
  • Boundaries and management approach is reported under each chapter for relevant material topics.
For questions regarding the report, you are welcome to address them to:
Senior Vice President Sustainability Nicklas Lång at nicklas.lang@hoganas.com or Sustainability Manager Raissa Kruse at raissa.kruse@hoganas.com