About Höganäs

This is Höganäs

At Höganäs, we are convinced that metal powders provide endless opportunities, starting with – but also far beyond – their traditional use in powder metallurgy (PM) for automotive components.

Metal powders can help our customers (and their customers) reduce material and energy consumption or prolong lifetime of their products. Metal powder can also enable new and better technologies that make final products more efficient and with lower lifecycle impact. 

Indeed, in our opinion, metal powders can be an important tool towards improved industrial sustainability. That is why our vision is to “Inspire industry to make more with less”.

Höganäs’ origins date back to 1797, when coal mining started in the fishing village of Hyggenäs on the south-west coast of Sweden. Coal mining, bricks, refractory materials and salt-glazed pottery have played important parts in the company’s history. In 1910, the first process for metal production was invented, and now we focus mainly on metal powders and powder technology.

Today, we have a global presence, even though our headquarters remain in the municipality of Höganäs. With almost 2,500 co-workers and a product portfolio that contains more than 3,500 products, we serve about 3,000 customers in 75 countries. (All numbers include newly acquired companies.)

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Höganäs short facts

  • 18 production units in 11 countries on 4 continents
  • Sales offices and/or operations units in 17 countries
  • About 3,000 customers in 75 countries
  • A total production capacity of about 500,000 tonnes of metal powder
  • About 950 valid patents on processes and products
  • More than 3,500 products, mostly customer specific
  • 2,500 co-workers
  • Established in 1797 as a coal mining company
  • Turnover 2018: 10,361 (8,223) MSEK
  • Equity 2018: 9,046 (8,405) MSEK
  • Net debt 2018: 6,235 (4,167) MSEK
  • Höganäs is a private limited company owned by FAM and Lindéngruppen

All numbers include newly acquired companies.

Engagement in associations and initiatives
Type of engagement Organization
Höganäs holds a position on the governance body
  • European Powder Metallurgy Association (EPMA)
  • Metal Powder Industries Federation (MPIF)
  • Powder Metallurgy Association of India (PMAI)
Höganäs participates in projects and committees
  • Japan Powder Metallurgy Association (JPMA)
  • Jernkontoret (Swedish steel producers' association)
  • Eurofer (European steel association) represented by Jernkontoret
  • Korean Powder Metallurgy Institute (KPMI)
  • American Water Works Association
  • China Powder Metallurgy Alliance (CPMA)
Höganäs is a signatory
  • UN Global Compact