Climate neutral operations

Carbon footprint from transportation

During 2018, we initiated mapping of our transport emissions to create a baseline for systematic improvements. The results of the mapping will be used to prioritise actions for reducing the emissions from necessary transports in the years to come.

Other activities carried out during 2018:

  • A new car policy resulted in replacing a number of company cars, service vehicles and fork lift trucks with electric alternatives, or with biogas vehicles. 
  • Centralised warehousing and optimised transports in the Asia-Pacific continent due to reduced number of warehouses in India. We have also introduced round trips on exports from Busan in South Korea to South-East Asia, all supporting reduced transport emissions. 
  • In late 2018, Höganäs made an agreement to use biodiesel HVO (Hydrotreated Vegetable Oil) to fuel the trucks for the 7,500 transports needed to move the incoming bulk raw materials from the company harbour to the sponge iron plant in Sweden. This change was possible thanks to all participating stakeholders’ willingness to find an effective solution.