Climate neutral operations

Energy use within the organization

Höganäs’ energy use consists of fuel consumption and purchased energy. The fuels are mainly natural gas, LPG, diesel and petrol. We also use a small amount of biogas for production of hydrogen gas. In 2018, less than 1 percent of our fuel use was from renewable sources.

Some of the energy used is converted into residual heat which we can deliver to external parties. The main part goes to district heating and some to the municipal water treatment plant. In 2018, we delivered 57,700 MWh in the form of surplus heat to district heating in Swedish cities Höganäs and Halmstad. The export from Höganäs saved community emissions corresponding to an estimation of 12,000 tonnes of CO2, compared to the normal production of heat by natural gas incineration.

Historically the purchase of electricity has been based on price first and environmental performance second. During 2018, we began exploring the business impacts of alternative electricity sourcing. Pre-studies to turn to renewable electricity were initiated in the US, India, China, Belgium and Sweden. In 2018, we purchased 527,100 MWh electricity of which 53 percent was from renewable or partly renewable sources.

Energy use, scope 1, fuels

Purchased electricity

Energy use, Scope 1, MWh 2018
Non-renewable fuels 445,700
Renewable fuels 2,700
Total, scope 1 448,400
Energy use, Scope 2, MWh 2018
Purchased energy 527,200
Self-generated energy 80,100
Sold self-generated heating –57,700
Total, Scope 2 549,600
Total energy use, Scope 1 and 2 998,000