Worker in production

Future proof business

Outcome 2018

Target description Target Result 2018
Lost time injury frequency, rolling 12 months <3 by 2019 8.2*
Recordable injury frequency, rolling 12 months 36.5
Risk reduction number >1.5 per employee and year 3.2
Fresh water intensity, m3 per produced tonne 1.3
Waste reduction: % side-stream materials put to use >85% by 2020 >95% by 2026 83%**


*Due to the on-going integration process, where safety work is prioritized, the lost time injury frequency is calculated on numbers that include the majority of our new co-workers from acquired companies.

**The number is calculated on process materials that exit the production process, either to another recipient or to landfill. Process material recirculated within the gates of the same production facility is excluded. This means the calculation base is changed compared to how the target was constructed. Comparable figures will be presented in the report for 2019.