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Equality and equal remuneration

Höganäs conducts annual salary mappings to identify gender pay gaps and provide a clear picture of how we can improve to reach equal remuneration.

On average, men’s salaries are 4 percent higher than women’s salaries. We have identified some reasons:

  • more men than women in leadership positions
  • more men than women within key competence areas
  • cultural biases to gender diversity

The long-term strategy to change this includes:

  • positive attitudes towards parental leave for both men and women
  • networking programmes for women
  • better succession planning
  • improved annual review of people and competence
  • taking further steps to create awareness of biases
  • continuing with leadership development

We also need to make sure that remuneration processes are consistent and based on fair principles and equal treatment. One important part of the More Women project (see Diversity and inclusion), is to find opportunities to encourage more women to move into key competence areas.

68 percent of our workforce is covered by collective agreements.



We provide occupational health care to our co-workers in all countries where we operate and take initiatives to promote health and well-being.

More than 95 percent of our employees are covered by additional health care services and benefits such as life insurances and disability coverage.