About Höganäs

This is Höganäs

Höganäs is one of the leading global providers of metal powder solutions with an annual production capacity of over 500,000 tonnes. We have 18 strategically located production facilities in 11 countries and are represented by tech-centres and sales offices close to our customers in all three regions: Americas, APAC and EMEA.

Höganäs’ vision is to inspire industry to make more with less. In our opinion, metal powder technology provides endless opportunities; not only can it enable our customers to reduce their material and energy consumption, but it can also enable them to use new and better techniques that make final products more efficient, less expensive, and with lower lifecycle impact.

Our view is that metal powders can facilitate more sustainable consumption and production by contributing to solutions to many of society's pressing challenges, such as resource scarcity, shortage of clean water and the need for renewable energy.

Read more about the industries we serve, our products and our know-how at www.hoganas.com.

Even though we are large within our niche market of metal powder producers, Höganäs is a relatively small player looking at the steel industry as a whole. This means that we must take every opportunity in our sphere of influence to inspire the industry to make progress towards a better world, and lead by example whenever possible.

Our position in the value chain – several steps upstream from the end user – means that it is vital that we proactively listen to the signals coming from our customers’ customers and further downstream, so that we are prepared for ­future demands.