What really matters

The steel and metals industry provides the necessary materials for basic needs like infrastructure, buildings, machinery as well as countless other technical, medical and scientific needs and is thus essential to the global economy and ­societal development. Standing at the beginning of most value chains, mining and metals are connected to almost all other industries.

Our industry, as any other industry, faces significant demands and expectations from across the value chain and from stakeholder groups to transition to a more sustainable and equitable way of doing business. Drivers for change have been identified in several areas such as geopolitical, technological, environmental and societal, where increased concern for climate change stands out.

In order to work effectively to accomplish sustainability ­improvements, we must identify what is really important to our business and to our stakeholders, and decide on direction and ambition. We need to know what we have to change and where to start. This calls for a relevant sustainability strategy that can point out where we should be and guide our way forward.

Our strategy was updated in 2019 based on a renewed stakeholder dialogue and materiality assessment. The parts describing our focus areas elaborate further the activities following our conclusions on impacts, risks and opportunities.