Product vision

We want to consider and address society’s global sustainability challenges when creating business opportunities and developing our products. Central to this ambition, and at the core of our corporate agenda for sustainable business, is our vision for sustainable metal powders.

Our product vision, which was launched in 2019, is a result of a cross-functional project that was carried out during 2018 and 2019. It will serve as a compass for technology development and future direction for our product portfolio.

The product vision is founded on a set of clear, science-based principles of sustainability and a full life cycle perspective.

It rests on four pillars that describe sustainable metal powders:

1. Climate neutral: Towards net climate neutrality and beyond
2. Fit for circularity: Enabling circular material flows
3. Resource productive solutions: Effective and efficient solutions for industry and society
4. Safe and ethical: Causing no harm to people and the environment throughout the value chain

Each of these pillars are extensively described based on a thorough analysis of present challenges for our business, identified areas where to make the changes, the desired achievements and example indicators for how to track performance.

Achieving this vision requires mastering a set of key enablers, or skills, that need to be fostered. Three key enablers have been identified that represent the capabilities needed for making the sustainability product vision a reality:

  • The insight to make conscious material selection from a full life cycle perspective
  • The foresight into future sustainability-driven market transformation
  • The skill of re-imagining partnerships and working together to influence the value chain

The content of the product vision intertwines with other areas of our sustainability agenda such as the Climate Roadmap 2045, our Responsible Sourcing programme, sustainable production processes and minimized environmental impact.

Our different product areas will now break down the principles from the product vision and apply them on their product portfolio to increase knowledge, identify business opportunities and to clarify the direction for development of new products, as well as for further improvements of existing products.