Our ambition is to create a great and meaningful place to work for all co-workers. We want to attract competent, skilled people and make sure they can develop to their full potential and thrive within Höganäs.
Health and safety is the number one priority, where our objective to reach zero ccidents is a great challenge.
Read here about our work, setbacks and success stories – to give our co-workers the best possible working environment, to attract more women to an industry that has a long tradition of male dominance, and to really live our principles and values.

Our people

In 2019 Höganäs had 2,454 (2018: 2,402) co-workers in 16 (16) countries, as average full-time employees (FTE).
The total co-worker turnover during 2019 was 4.5 (4.1) per cent (calculated on total headcount) which is an increase of 0.4 percentage points compared to 2018.

Number of employees as headcount per gender, employment type (permanent/temporary and full-time/part-time) and region





Men 521 231 1,318
Women 72 68 263
Full-time 593 299 1,497
Part-time 0 0 84
Permanent 593 298 1,503
Temporary 0 1 78