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We invite you to an open dialogue

In all locations where we operate, we have a responsibility to maintain an active and transparent dialogue where we inform the community about our activities and listen to their opinions. We also welcome spontaneous feedback from our neighbours and all sites have channels for communication and grievance mechanisms.

In Höganäs and Halmstad, both located in Sweden, where we have our largest production sites, we communicate through our newsletter Insikt (in Swedish), which is published and distributed on paper 2-3 times per year. At our plant in Brazil, which is located very close to a residential area with restaurants and stores, we have launched Conexão, a newsletter in Portuguese. In between printed issues, we continuously update our local website. In the newsletter we encourage our neighbours to share their opinions or questions with us. Good results from open dialogue with neighbours and the local municipality have been achieved in several projects involving local infrastructure.

Drawing on inspiration from the good examples we already have within the Group, we aim to develop a consistent ‘Höganäs way’ for stakeholder dialogue at all sites.