Supporting community irrigation and tree planting in India
Case story

Supporting community irrigation and tree planting in India

Höganäs has helped the community of Waghluj in western India to repair their irrigation pond and plant thousands of fruit trees. These investments aim to promote food security and local livelihoods.

The Waghluj rural farming community is dependent on an irrigation pond that was built in 1972 and was in need of repair. Höganäs has long-term engagement with the community and donated the funds needed to repair the leaking pond in 2021.

Fruit tree planting – an investment for the future

After discussions with village leaders and 60 local farmers, Höganäs donated around 2,400 mango and other fruit trees to the community, with each farmer receiving 40 saplings. The farmers planted the trees on their land and are tending to them with the ambition to sell the fruit at local markets in the future. Other fruit trees were planted on communal land as a community resource. 

“We have established a long-term collaboration with the Waghluj community as the area is particularly drought prone and the average household income is far below the regional aver-age,” explains Sharad Magar, Manufacturing Director at Höganäs India. “By repairing the irrigation pond, we were then able to plant thousands of trees on barren land that will benefit the community for many years to come.”