Driving transformation demands specialised knowledge

Driving transformation demands specialised knowledge

Finding and keeping the right competence is a challenge, not only for Höganäs, but for the entire industry. Therefore, Höganäs decided to develop an e-learning platform dedicated to the wonders of sintered components – the Höganäs Academy.

The platform is divided into two areas, one addressing co-workers at Höganäs and the other towards designers, engineers and purchasing decision makers.

“A truly sustainable organisation should promote and embrace lifelong learning. In a dynamic world where disruptive changes occur, we need to be agile. The Höganäs Academy is a platform where we share condensed, compiled, and structured knowledge,” says Fredrik Vinnerborg, Competence Technology Leader.

Höganäs’ ambition with the courses on Powder Metal pressing and sintering (PM), is to make sure all co-workers understand what represents customer value, and how this value can be created and captured. For the external platform, the goal is to promote PM technology, showcasing inherent value such as light weight, resource efficiency and cost efficiency.

Both the internal and external platform have added new courses on pressing and sintering during the past year. The internal platform now has six courses, and the external offers five courses.

“The courses contain information on applications, how to design better components and offers insight on how to produce them,” says Fredrik Vinnerborg.

This is a constantly progressing effort, and Höganäs will continue to discuss how to better support component engineering activities.

“We have been working on establishing databases for material data, but ideally, we would have a tool that makes the engineering and cost assessment of new sintered components much easier,” says Fredrik Vinnerborg.



The Höganäs Academy

  • The Höganäs Academy is an e-learning platform for both internal and external use.
  • The internal platform is an educational hub. Six of the courses are on pressing and sintering.
  • The external platform consists of five courses on pressing and sintering.