Angelica Szentesi, Customer support

I love the action

The Höganäs factory in the Belgian town of Ath produces 7,000 tons of metal powder every year. As Customer Support Assistant with exclusive responsibility for customs and transport, Angelica Szentesi ensures that the powder is shipped in the correct way to customers worldwide.

The logistics department at Höganäs Belgium is always buzzing with activity, with each of the four team members responsible for a different part of the world. Angelica looks after the German-speaking region. She handles multiple purchase orders every day, books the shipping, ensures the products can be delivered on time and is also responsible for customs and transportation.

Another key part of Angelica’s job is ensuring compliance with customs regulations and procedures and keeping everyone up-to-speed on them.

- I stay up-to-date on customs regulations and make sure that they’re correctly applied in the company, she explains.

Angelica coordinates customs enquiries with other departments, making her a familiar face to the plant’s 170 staff.

- I especially appreciate the regular contact with so many people, she says. It’s definitely not a deskbound job!

Angelica has shown a real talent for the customs part of her job. In 2012, she managed to get Höganäs Belgium certified by the EU as an Authorised Economic Operator (AEO) for customs-related issues, giving Höganäs special status as a reliable and trustworthy exporter.

- I’m very proud of this certificate! Angelica says. It’s satisfying to see my hard work come to fruition, while the company benefits from the smooth and streamlined customs procedures.