Christian Jönsson , Operations Manager

Nice to get my life in order

Christian Jönsson has worked at Höganäs for 10 years. He started on the factory floor and worked his way up to foreman. Today he works as an Operations Manager at the Distaloy plant and is responsible for 17 employees.

"My job means that I lead the production of Astaloy and Distaloy products and that I am responsible for reaching our production goals. I ensure that all environmental and safety practices are followed and take care of any problems from daily operations.”

As a foreman, Christian worked the three-shift operation. Today, he only works daytime and thinks it's nice to finally, as he says, get his life in order. He feels that he has time for much more.

Nice to get my life in order

"Höganäs is a great company that takes good care of its staff. For example, I have had the opportunity to take a distance course at half-time in parallel with my job. I am planning on studying materials science at Bergsskolan in Filipstad, something I really think would benefit me in my work.”