Fiona Lu, Customer support

I'm an ambulance taking care of customers' needs

The little extra, or extra value, will be achieved by consistent improvement in the service given to Höganäs’ customers. It is Fiona’s task to make sure issues are resolved effectively, to coordinate the actions taken and to ascertain that the customer gets a satisfying response.

She describes her job as that of an ambulance that takes care of customers’ needs smoothly and efficiently. As with so many other young people in Shanghai, Fiona Lu is focused and ambitious in her work. She says the competition in Shanghai is very tough and that it is natural for young people to perform their utmost:

- Otherwise we don’t survive here!

Therefore it is not surprising that Fiona Lu is also studying for a master’s degree in investment in her spare time. Every Saturday for the last two years, she has gone to lectures at Fudan University. Her goal is not only to become better at what she is doing, - I want to be the first in the Lu family with a master’s degree.

In the future she would like to use her newly acquired knowledge to work with investment issues at Höganäs China, but in the immediate future she will be busy developing a customer service management system tailor-made for Höganäs China to further improve customer satisfaction and loyalty.