Jamie Washington, electrical engineer

Mastering teamwork from a distance

Jamie Washington, electrical machine expert, is proof that working on a distance really works. He is part of Höganäs’ electric motor team but only leaves his home town of Newcastle to see the rest of his team in Sweden once a month. Modern technology and standardized ways of working are key according to him.

An enthusiastic professor and a not-so-enthusiastic girlfriend made Jamie Washington say yes when Höganäs offered him a full-time position, but no to the move to Sweden. Instead, he stayed put in Newcastle, working from an office at the university. He visits Sweden roughly once a month.

– It is my job to come up with ideas and concepts for motors using SMC, soft magnetic composites, such as Somaloy®. I help a lot of customers who have problems with their motors. I educate on how to use the material – you could say promotion of SMC is my job.

What is it like to work from a distance like this?

– I find it very easy. I use Skype and we have weekly meetings to keep up to date. Overall I think I get more work done by being away from the rest of the team. If I have a project to complete I can focus on it and get it finished asap, with few distractions.