Jonas Bergendal, R&D engineer

How I built a career in engineering

Jonas Bergendal traces his interest in engineering back to playing with Lego as a child. But now he makes things with metal powder, rather than colourful plastic bricks.

“With both metal powder and Lego, you take small pieces and make something that is greater than the sum of the individual pieces,” says Jonas. “And the things you can make with them can be mind-blowing!”

Jonas started working at Höganäs in 2007 with a summer internship. Since then he has worked as Furnace Operator, Prototyping Technician, and Research and Development Engineer. Today he is Customer Support Engineer, Automotive Europe, where he handles customer gear projects.

“This is mainly project management, but also case hardening trials, which is probably the biggest challenge we have when it comes to PM gears,” he says.

What does he like about working at Höganäs? “Lots of things! The freedom to solve problems any way I see fit; the chance to travel all over the world and meet colleagues and customers; and being part of Höganäs’ journey to make cars more sustainable.”

He says that another factor is the feeling of family you get at a company that is world-leading, but still not huge. “Höganäs is also fantastic at letting people develop professionally, and at giving you new roles and responsibilities as your experience grows.”